From an AP in Chemical and Biotechnical Science to a forensic breakthrough

Ewelina Mistek is a Business Academy Aarhus alumnus who started her career with us in 2011 and, in 2018, is about to publish her ground-breaking PhD in criminal forensics.

Ewelina comes from a small village in Poland and chose to come to Business Academy Aarhus in August 2011.

When she finished high school, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in forensic science but wasn’t sure whether she wanted to focus on the chemistry or the biology side of things.

Hence, Business Academy Aarhus’ Chemical and Biotechnical AP degree programme was the perfect choice. Ewelina also wanted to improve her English language skills so moving to a university that offered high-quality teaching in English was a must.

International atmosphere

The time she spent at the Academy was definitely a challenge, says Ewelina. She had to move to a new country where everything was new for her: the language, the currency, employment rules, tax rules, renting a flat with other people, to mention just some of the changes.

Therefore, the decision to move abroad included so much more than just studying. But her international class at Business Academy Aarhus helped her make the difficult transition from living in a non-English speaking country to needing to use English in her everyday life (in classes and outside).

And, since English was a second language for most of the class, everyone was very understanding regarding the language and everybody helped.

Diverse city

She remembers how diverse Aarhus is and recalls that ‘it was challenging to identify where the person you are talking to comes from and often it turned out that I was speaking to my fellow Polish citizens in English and only realised this after a long conversation.’    

Hands-on courses

The Chemical and Biotechnical Science programme gave her the opportunity to practice daily in a lab-setting.

‘The programme offers many hands-on courses, which in my opinion’ continues Ewelina ‘is the best way to learn technical lab skills. It was a great and fun way to learn science by working hands-on in the lab. The programme also emphasises group work, which is an excellent way to prepare for the future role of working in a team and it is also a good way to socialise and strengthen your network. Moreover, the lecturers and mentors at the Academy were very patient and were always available to help’, says Ewelina. 

Blood and crime scenes

After completing her AP degree at Business Academy Aarhus, Ewelina applied for her Bachelor’s at Robert Gordon University in Scotland (and one of our partner universities) and is now a PhD student in the Lednev Research Lab at the State University of New York at Albany. During her research she has discovered how to quickly identify blood at a crime scene, without degrading the blood sample… so criminals beware. 

Don't be afraid to try

Her parting words to current and potential Business Academy Aarhus students are ‘don’t be afraid to try!

'You can create your own future the way you want it. I didn’t believe I would be accepted into the programme at the Academy, and now I am pursuing my dream PhD degree in the United States’, says Ewelina.