From Erba to Aarhus to Paris

21-year old Francesca Masciadri learnt about Business Academy Aarhus at a fair in Italy in 2016 and since then has taken the road less travelled in her educational pursuits.

She applied for and was accepted into our international Marketing Management programme and started in the autumn semester in 2016.

Classes at the Academy were cool

At first living in Denmark was difficult – Denmark and Italy are total opposites when it comes to language, food and obviously the weather. But she soon made friends in her international class. And 'classes at the Academy were cool.'

She goes on to explain how they were taught to apply theories to actual study cases, and how to work to groups. The exam system is also very different in Denmark but this did not present any problems as the lecturers guided the whole class right from the beginning!

Exchange student in Paris

Business Academy Aarhus improved her capacity to relate to people with different backgrounds and allowed her to experiment with living away from home. First in Aarhus and later as an Erasmus exchange student in Paris in the autumn of 2017, and 'being an exchange student was one of the best experiences' of her life. She loved Paris so much that she decided to do her Marketing Management internship over there too, and ended up working for one of the larger French newspapers, Le Monde.

Graduated after 2 years

The Marketing Management programme is an AP degree which means that she graduated after just 2 years. She would have been able to get a job straight away if this is what she wanted; instead, she decided to study for a Bachelor’s degree.

Our internationally recognised and accredited AP Degree in Marketing Management allows students to apply to several prestigious European universities in order to get a Bachelor’s Degree.

Her heart is in Paris

Francesca applied to and was accepted into Sorbonne University. She was delighted that she was accepted on the basis of her Danish AP Degree (before she had even graduated). She also had to send her curriculum vitae and a motivation letter, but did not need to go through the additional stress of a personal interview.

She is now well on her way to completing her Bachelor’s in Paris and her parting words of advice are simply, 'be optimistic and try. You have the assets for a wonderful journey and a brilliant career!'

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