Simona kick-started her career while studying Financial Management and Services

As Assistant Controller at Bang & Olufsen, Simona ensures efficient and correct management accounting.

Only two years after arriving in Aarhus, Simona Sidlauskaite from Lithuania had established a foothold in the Danish labour market – within an exciting financial field, on top of it!

‘My dream with educating myself in Denmark was to find a good job within my field of expertise. And I have succeeded,’ says 25-year-old Simona, who studied Financial Management and Services at Business Academy Aarhus.

‘I really use a lot of what I learnt at the Academy in my job. During my programme I also developed personally and gained the courage to look for a job in Denmark,’ she adds.

Internship at Bang & Olufsen

During her programme, Simona did her compulsory internship for six months with the international speaker and television group Bang & Olufsen A/S in Struer.

Simona applied via an unsolicited application. At the end of her internship, Simona was offered an apprenticeship in the company. So once her Bachelor’s degree was a reality, Simona started a new course learning even more about economics at Mercantec in Viborg whilst she was working at Bang & Olufsen. 

‘The apprenticeship lasted two years and was my admission ticket to the job,’ says Simona, who is now a permanent employee and lives in Viborg with her Lithuanian boyfriend.

From internship to job

Around 30 % of international graduates from Business Academy Aarhus get jobs during or after graduation. This number is increasing. The reason that more and more international students can do their internships in local Danish companies is because companies have become more open to hiring international workers.

Simona's advice: ‘Work hard and be social

Internships are often the admission ticket to your first job. And if you ask Simona for advice for other international students who, like her, want to stay and start a career in Denmark after graduation, she says:

‘Be sure to apply for an internship in a company where you can actually see yourself working and where there are career opportunities. Your internship is a crucial, important stepping stone for your career. So think carefully before you apply. And once you’ve found an internship, give 100 %, work hard and don’t be afraid to seize the opportunities that arise and show your boss how you can contribute.’

Simona adds that it is also important to participate in social activities at your company.

‘I think that being social and participating in, for example breakfast on a Friday, having lunch together, sharing personal stories and attending gatherings after working hours also contributes to acceptance.’

About Simona

  • raised in Lithuania in the city of Mažeikiai
  • 2014-2018: Bachelors Degree in Financial Management and Services, Business Academy Aarhus with an internship at Bang & Olufsen in Struer
  • 2018-2020: Trained financial assistant with apprenticeship at Bang & Olufsen in Struer
  • 2020-now Permanent employee in a full-time job as an Assistant Controller at Bang & Olufsen in Struer